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Planning Morocco

Have you got suggestions?

We have just booked our flights from London to Morocco for July. We'll be in England first to see Mike's parents and then its off to Morocco for a week before heading back to London to visit for a few more weeks.

We fly in into Marrakech and I have to say that I'm pretty excited! We had considered the old stand by's for a quick vacation while in Europe, but I wasn't getting all that excited about Italy and Spain as I thought I would. Not that I don't want to see those countries or don't appreciate their beauty and all that they offer, but I feel like I was craving some potential to be off the beaten path just a little. Morocco feels more exotic and more mysterious to me and so I suppose that is what is making me so excited about this trip.

I'm now deep into the research mode that I go into before I travel. I'm hunting down the most interesting places to stay and see. I would love suggestions, so if you've been, and you stumble across this little blog, please let me know what you think, suggest places and things and people to experience.


Riads seem to be the way to go. They seem to be traditional morrocan houses, built around an internal couryard that have been converted to hotels/hostels. They are reasonably priced (compared to Europe!!) and some are quite unusal looking, complete with beautiful moroccan colours and tiles.

Possible locations:

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